Location and Forms

Phone: 503.819.7095

601 Main Street  #209

Vancouver, WA 98660

Fax 503.328.7994  For clients only please.


Room # 209 ********* The door to a hallway is found on the second floor across from the elevator ...  it takes you to the waiting area.  I will come out of room 209 to invite you into the therapy room.  

Email: suebe3.too@gmail.com


Currently accepting new patients. 


Call 503-819-7095 to schedule an appointment.

Some weekdays, evenings, and Saturday appointments are available!              




Please open attachments on the next tab and print out the intake paper(s) for the client I will be working with.  These will be used in the initial intake appointment.  Have as much of the form(s) completed as you can prior to our visit.  We will look them over together, however it will take more of your paid time to start with an empty page!  


(I do have them available at our first appointment if you are unable to print them out) 


For children between ages 4 and 18 please select the following forms:


 1)  PDF   or   Word document of "Intake Packet_Child"  (Word allows you to type in lines.)       


For adults 19 and over: 

1)   The Adult Intake Personal History Form 

2)  The Client_Information_Sheet 

ALL NEW CLIENTS WILL SIGN THE Privacy Notification/HIPPA and the ROI (Release of Information).. I have these at our first appointment.  These copies are for your convenience. 

No need to print out

As a telehealth provider, I work with you through email to get the forms for intake filled out prior to our first appointment.